Return Policy

Please note, CLEARANCE SALE / OFFSEASON / SALE ITEM UP 40% items are not allowed to request a refund (REFUND), refunded (RETURN) and are not allowed to make any conversion.

For all item returns (IF THERE IS A MAJOR DEFECT/WRONG ITEM) whatsapp details your order number Whatsapp: 01161161910

Return Terms:

1. You can only return / exchange items within 7 days of receiving your order.

2. You need to include in Whatapp, the Order number & the item you want to request to be exchanged / exchanged.

3. Once your return / exchange is approved, you will receive instructions on how to return and exchange via email or Whatsapp.

4. Refund / exchange / refund will take 14 working days.

5. Normally, we will not give a refund if you mind or make a wrong decision but change if the shirt size does not match the chart, you can include pictorial proof in whatssap as mentioned above to change the size only.

6. No exchange or refund of goods for sale unless the product received is damaged (MAJOR DEFECT) such as torn in the middle, burn marks, left and right hand position upside down and others. If a slight defect such as thread drips in the side seams, buttons are detached, etc. MINOR DEFECT is NOT ALLOWED at all to create any change.

7. The cost of shipping back to Furby Moms is 100% borne by the customer if the reason for the conversion is from the customer who:

    •  Change the size
    • Change the design

8. Items returned must be in the original condition:

  • Clothes have not been washed, not worn, still in their original condition.
  • The shirt is not damaged.
  • Clothes are not dirty and rotten or smell of perfume.
  • Clothes are not tangled.
  • The plastic of the itemis not torn/lost

9. Payment of shipping costs for reimbursement to the customer is also borne by the customer. The amount to be paid will be notified via Whatapp.

10. Furby Moms will review each item returned, which MUST meet the criteria in item (8). If we find an unaccepted item meets the @ DAMAGED criteria, the exchange or refund request will be canceled. And the item will be returned to the customer after the customer clears the re -shipping fee.

11. If there is no payment for re -shipment, Furby Moms will not process the re -shipment of the DAMAGED item (refer to item 10)

12. For the case of REFUND, 100% REFUND is based on the price of the shirt purchased only. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

13. For FREE SHIPPING items, REFUND will be deducted with shipping and Management costs. Because this Offer is for sold items only, not for returned items.